Real Estate & Rental Information About Preston Condos & Condos in Alexandria VA

How Much Do Homes Cost In Arlandria?

Preston Condominiums are located at 181 Reed Avenue Alexandria VA. But how do home prices compare in Preston to what is available around Arlandria?

What's currently for sale at Arlandria?

Budget (1 to $300,000)1 Active
Affordable (300001 to $400,000)4 Active
Entry-Level (400001 to $550,000)5 Active
Choice (550001 to $750,000)6 Active
Premium (750001 to $950,001)2 Active
Luxury (950001 to $1,950,000)6 Active
Super Luxury ($1,950,001 and up)2 Active

What's currently for sale at Preston?

Entry-Level (400001 to $550,000)1 Active

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