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Learn More About Jones Point Light Near Preston Condominiums

The Jones Point Light is a small river lighthouse located on the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia. It was built in 1855. It is a small, one-story house with a lantern on top and served primarily as a warning light for naval ships approaching the Washington Navy Yard. The lighthouse was discontinued in 1926. It was replaced by a small steel skeletal tower located nearby. This smaller tower was in use for ten years before being discontinued. After being dark for more than half a century, Jones Point Light was relit by a private concern in 1995. However, it was eventually put out again after the ownership switched from the Daughters of the American Revolution Foundation to the National Park Service. The lighthouse is located on Jones Point in Alexandria and is part of Jones Point Park. Visitors can approach the lighthouse, but it is currently impossible to enter the building. The lighthouse is immediately north of the confluence of Hunting Creek and the Potomac River.

Properties in The Preston

$560,000 at The Preston  SOLD!
$495,000 at The Preston  SOLD!
$340,000 at The Preston  SOLD!
$475,000 at The Preston  SOLD!
$660,000 at The Preston  SOLD!

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