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Southern Entrance Approved By City Council For Potomac Yard Metro Station

The much-discussed southern entrance of Potomac Yard Metro station was unanimously approved by city council during Saturday’s public hearing. The hearing was held remotely via Zoom. The approved design now includes a southern entrance pavilion, including elevators and stairs, with a pedestrian bridge that connects to the northern entrance.
The approved design for the Potomac Yard Metro station's southern entrance, featuring a pavilion and bridge
According to, "The approved design will replace the ramp with a flat, covered 520-foot bridge which can be accessed via a pavilion. The ramp option would have cost about $10 to $15 million less than the new design, according to a March 20 city news release. Mayor Justin Wilson expressed his relief that the negotiations over the southern entrance were finally coming to a close and asked whether the new design would impact the project’s schedule." As per, "The southern entrance should not impact the schedule and the full $320 million Potomac Yard Metro station construction project is still planned for completion in March 2022, Daphne Kott, a civil engineer in the Department of Project Implementation, said."

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