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Establish Real Estate Objectives For Your 1,110 Sqft Condominium In 22203 In Arlington County

3800 Fairfax Dr #212 is an intriguing property with a lot to offer. However, the question isn't whether this is a good property or not, but whether this is the right property for you. Photo of 3800 Fairfax Dr #212 I'd like to take a moment to assist you to figure out exactly what your choices are on your dream home in 22203. Of the top of your head, what's most important to you?
Nesbitt Realty
Nesbitt Realty
It will be your home. So your preferences are what matter.
  1. How many bedrooms do you need? 3800 Fairfax Dr #212 is a 1-bedroom condo.
  2. Maybe you should rent? Do you like to live in an area with a lot rentals? Do you prefer to live in a neighborhood with few rentals? Currently for rent at Tower Villas
  3. Do you have specific paint colors? Or, do you want to paint and pick your own colors?
  4. How important is it that you stay in 22203? Have you considered neighboring areas?
  5. The highest priced place of residence at Tower Villas is listed for $608,000. Do you know if 3800 Fairfax Dr #212 is a good value?
Nesbitt Realty
Nesbitt Realty
We're here when you need us. Our real estate agents love to help clients achieve their real estate goals!

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