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Home Shopper's Credit For Condo Buyer In 22202 In Arlington

Photo of 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302 First-time home buyers and others should understand that the home seller pays commissions to agents. The shopper doesn't pay any commission. Photo of 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302 How does an agent like Andrew Patton of Nesbitt Realty save property hunters money on real estate in Arlington? Photo of 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302 Nesbitt Realty refunds a portion of the commission and pays to the home hunter! Photo of 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302 At settlement, the property seller usually pays the home buyer's company 2% to 3% of the sales price. (This amount was negotiated when the property was listed.) Photo of 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302 The purchaser doesn't pay a commission, but a smart purchasers still wants to understand how a property seeker's agent makes money. Photo of 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302 Only a handful of real estate companies (large or small) offer to rebate commissions, but all of them have certain terms and conditions. These are described in your representation agreement. To learn more or to tour properties in Arlington County talk to Julie Nesbitt. Generalities aside let's talk about how much money you can save. 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302 was built around 1958 and is one of several $290,000 residences in Arlington Ridge. Bottom line: 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302 is selling at $290,000. Nesbitt Realty expects to put $972 in your hand if you use Nesbitt Realty as your agent. Photo of 1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302
1300 S Arlington Ridge Rd #302, Arlington 22202

Golden location ideal for the Amazon crowd; now and future. Mortgage rate projected to top 4% in 2022 as Fed tapering plan nears. Rents rising as well. Remarkable Price Well Below Market Value! Attention Investors and those searching for ... [Read more]

Like our rebate but not this condo? Shop for other choices here: [Arlington Ridge] | [22202] | [Oakridge Elementary School] You'll find the estimated rebate at the top of the each listing page.

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