Sunny Weather Urged Holiday Crowd To Be Out In Alexandria

Scores of people flocked to Old Town over the Memorial Day weekend despite the city’s stay-at-home order that is technically still in effect amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The skies were too sunny and the weather too tempting on this day. Kevin Mamon, who gathered with close friends in Founders Park May 23 said, “This is too pretty a day to waste it at home A lot of us just graduated from George Mason [University] and just want to get out. We try to plan something like this every two weeks…we aren’t really afraid of the virus among ourselves.”

Monumental Theatre And Go-Go’s Music Presents “Head Over Heels”

“Head Over Heels” is a 16th-century romance rendered in period-appropriate prose. It was mashed together with the instantly recognizable music of the 1980s all-female pop-rock group the Go-Go’s throughout its 2018 run on Broadway. Monumental Theatre Company Director Jimmy Mavrikes went into one of those Broadway performances highly skeptical, but he left a convert.