3 Bedroom Place In 22301 In Alexandria For $835,000

This 3 bedroom place of residence in Alexandria, Virginia is listed for $835,000. Not everybody is cut out to own a super luxury 3-bedroom home in 22301, and if you're one of those people, it's better to find this out now than when you're under contract. Nesbitt Realty can give you an honest and objective assessment of your situation and goals to help you determine whether you should pick up in 22301 in the City of Alexandria.What's the best way to win a bidding war? Avoid one. There are only two possible outcomes: you've paid more than anyone else would pay or you've wasted your time. Photo of 1904 Potomac Ave #102

What Can You Expect If You're Coughing Up $849,000 In 22301 In Alexandria?

Photo of 15 E Braddock Rd

I'd like to introduce you to one of Nesbitt Realty's finest agents. Andrew Patton is a trusted Realtor. I work hard every day in and around 22301 in the City of Alexandria. I think 15 E Braddock Rd is a very interesting detached in 22301 . It's probably a good value. However, I can't recommend you buy this property right now. That's because, my goal isn't to sell you this property. My goal is to find the right property for you.